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Dubai guide for first timers

This is a small Dubai Guide I have only been there twice but I’m going on my 3rd trip in marts. And because I have had a lot of requests on Dubai here´s what I know about the place at this point.

It seems like everybody is going to Dubai this winter including myself. I have been there a couple of times and I like it. I’m not loving it – I like it. Big difference.  It´s special, kind of hard to describe. It´s like a song with some nice beats but without a proper melody. Maybe you will love it. Anyway there are a few things you need to know before going there.

-You don´t walk around in Dubai. The place is build in a dessert around one big freeway and everything that’s not desert is artificially (like the Palm) and new and shiny. Everywhere you go, you go by car and that probably means a taxi in your case. -).

-There are all kinds of people and religions and you have to respect that when you are out and about. I mean behavior, drinking, kissing in public etc. Be respectful!

-Remember you are in a city build in the middle of a desert. It´s hot!! I wouldn’t recommend going there in the summertime. I have been in Marts and May. May was already beginning to feel very warm. In a dry way.


I always hear everybody saying “Fly Emirates”. But honestly the flight is 6 hours so get a Norwegian flight. They fly Copenhagen – Dubai on Saturdays and back again on Sundays. You can get a return ticket for around 2800 Danish kroner. Not to bad at all. I guess Emirates is worth a try if you’ve got cash to spend but save it. You will need it in Dubai 😉



Obviously there are a lot of lovely and stylish hotels in Dubai. But believe or not there is also a lot of c***. If you think you have found a great bargain somewhere Please please please use your social media platforms to ask if people agree or have any reviews.

In my opinion there is only 3 (maybe 4) areas you where you can live when visiting Dubai.

Jumeriah beach

Beachfront with lots of hotels located on the beach.

Hilton Dubai Jumeriah resort 7 nights – 10.000 dkk (I have stayed here and it was great).

Sofitel Jumeriah 7 nights – 11.000 dkk (My friends stay here all the time).


Madinat Jumeriah

Old traditional style hotel and shopping complex. I like it. Doesn´t feel as modern and shiny like the rest. 
You can choose between 3 hotels in this resort/area:
AL QASR, DARAL MASYAF and MINA A´SALAM. I have always wanted to stay here but it’s pricey. Around 2500 dkk per night for a good deal and up to 100.000. Yes everything is possible here in Dubai

Madinat Jumeriah

The Palm
New artificial part of Dubai with hotels and villas.

The most famous hotel on the palm is Atlantis  Big waterpark loads of activities for the whole family The price is around 3500 dkk per night.

Atlantis The Palm

Dubai Marina
Actually it´s possible to get a decent deal here. The area is very modern ( well even more modern) than the rat of Dubai.

The Radisson blu you can get for around 1000 dkk per night and the very stylish and hyped hotel The Address you can get for 2000 dkk per night (I know – still pricey but it´s not Thailand).

Dubai Marina

To do:

-See the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa

-No matter if you are in to architecture or not you will be stunned. It´s surreal.

-Go on a desert safari with belly dancing, henna tattoos esc.

-Go skiing inside Mall of Emirates – just because you can

-Shop until you drop… Luxury brands etc. you will find in the giant malls like Mall of Emirates and local stuff you will find at the souk. The gold and spice souk is located just next to Madinat and is worth a visit

In Dubai there is a lot of well-known restaurants like Zuma, Hakkasan, Buddah bar and Nobu.

And of course the mandatory beach party at the blue marlin (yep the same as the famous Ibiza one). Ask at your hotel.

Dubai by Night

Burj al Arab…
Well what can I say. It´s sensational. It´s worth a look and maybe go there for dinner one evening but there is luxury to be found for less other places in Dubai – Just sayin…

Burj Al Arab from above

You will love it or maybe you will hate it. If it wasn´t for the ongoing building and construction sites it would look like something taken out of a science fiction movie especially by night. It´s something I thin you should experience at least once in your life.

And remember Dubai is build of money … bring some 🙂

The pictures are bought from Shutterstock and may not be copied or used without a license.



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