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I´m not sleeping like this

I bought this daywear pyjamas the other day, and I have already told a lot of people that IT´S NOT NIGHTWEAR. I know I have pyjamas similar to this, and that might get my family confused about me going around in this outfit all day. Comments like ” are you sick” and ” Did you not shower” are coming my way. But there is a difference… Big big difference. The fabric!


I can tell by this months fashion magazines that Im´m actually on track ;-).


I had a blue day wear pyjamas earlier but the color and myself was a lousy mix.


I think i´m gonna have a few more and maybe mix and match. Here is a couple of options.

1/ Olivia Von Halle  2/Valentino 3/Equipment

PicMonkey Collage

And take a look at this article from Vouge. They tell you how to style it the right way. So people will not think you just got out of bed,,,




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