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Ystad Saltsjöbad

Just returned from a short trip to Sweden. I stayed overnight at YSB as I have been wondering for a long time about this place. This Spa Hotel has been all over my social media platforms and I was very curious about all the fuzz. Here´s my humble thoughts about the place.

First Impression
Let me just say WOW, and repeat it over and over again WOW WOW WOW.
First of all I love the decor and the environment, but mostly I love when hotels embrace Christmas, and I thinks its fair to say that a visit at YSB get´s you in the Christmas spirit.

We had a smooth check in and as we arrived prior check in time, we had a great opportunity the get a traditional open sandwich with Scrimps and a glass of Rielsing…( well a bottle but hey who´s counting).
We had no trouble spending a few hours lounging around in the different areas in the hotel .. All stunning


The room
First of all it wouldn’t be fair to call it a room. We had the main suite on the 7th floor – with a very beautiful view. We literally woke up to the sound of the ocean and with just a few steps out on the huge bacony it felt like standing right in the middle of the sea.

The main Suite is a small luxurious penthouse apartment with a separate bedroom and a lovely living area. All you need. It´s only because the rest of the areas of YSB are so nice that we wanted to leave the room.


The food
Every meal we had was delicious, and made with love ( well I felt it).  For dinner we had a nice 3 course dinner and afterwards we went straight to bed ( Maybe next time 2 courses will be fine).

Great breakfast buffet with a lot of options including making your own waffles… Gotta love that feature.

The spa
The spa is lovely and you getting “that” spa feeling no matter where you are in the hotel – not only at the pool and wellness area. You know that kind of relaxed environment that shouts … JUST CHILL. People lounging around in their bathrobes … well it just makes you happy and relaxed.

Please go to YSB web to see pictures from the pool area ( People really don´t like all getting photographed in the spa).

General thoughts
I was surprised in a good way. The short drive from Copenhagen ( It´s very easy by train as well FYI), the service, the surroundings and of course the spa was amazing. I love when you can see the effort in every detail. The only thing ( but for me it´s quite important ) was the poorly wifi connection. I´m  not sure if it was only in our room but it was sooooo slow – but again maybe it´s on purpose so that you are not able to work and you can enjoy the spa instead.



Worth every penny (or swedish kroner so to speak). And actually there is a very good offer available right now right here. The perfect Christmas present. It´s on my list!

Will I be back?
Oh yes!! And as much as I loved to stay there with my friend Mascha, I would also love to go there with my family and that is ASAP 🙂
Check out the YSB website here.

P.S This hotel is great no matter if you are on business or pleasure or with family or friends. 

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